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Graham S. Dee Graham S. Dee

We've owned German Shepherd Dogs for over 40 years, and we live in The New Forest, Hampshire. This is ideal for dog lovers because we are surrounded by the Forest, open heathland, plenty of parks, woods and open spaces.

We've always had German Shepherds, being our favorite breed of dog, and because my wife also loves cats - she has come home with numerous cats that have had to be rescued as homeless or abandoned - so not only have we got German Shepherds - we have cats as well!
So anyone who thinks that German Shepherds don't get on with cats - they are very much mistaken!

Also, I have mentioned many times to people that are nervous or indeed frightened of large dogs like German Shepherds, that they should be in our house and see our Shepherds having their meal in our kitchen, and little kittens running around between their legs underneath them while they are eating.
If these little cats or kittens aren't frightened by these big dogs - then why should they be?

We have also entertained guests at parties that we have had, and our German Shepherds would be wandering around making friends with everybody - and we have to tell them not to feed them - if you don't know - German Shepherd Dogs are great at the 'begging syndrome' and are hard to resist!

So this website is all about German Shepherd Dogs and we offer the benefit of our advice and experience with the aim of improving your relationship with your German Shepherd , so you can get the most enjoyment out of owning, looking after, and bringing up a German Shepherd Dog, and in the event you haven't actually got your own dog yet - why perhaps you should consider whether a German Shepherd is for you!

Have a look at our own German Shepherd Dogs, they have all been part of our family over many years, and we have enjoyed each one of them. We also mated Tsara at the German Shepherd Dog breeders with their stud dog, and she had her German Shepherd puppies at home. see German Shepherd Dog Puppies

There's something very special about owning a German Shepherd Dog, bringing it up from a puppy, watching it develop into an adult dog, and enjoying a wonderful relationship together.

Sharing your home with a German Shepherd is very different from just having a pet dog, it's hard to put into words, they are just 'special' and if you do have, or have owned a German Shepherd - then you will know what I mean.

Having  a German Shepherd Dog that you have trained and is well behaved, is a lot of fun, especially if you have more than one - they are good company and an absolute joy to own, they love to join in (especially if you have young children) and  they are very sociable, and as an added bonus - they are good natural guard dogs and will  give their lives in order to protect you and your family.

If you own a German Shepherd Dog - be proud of the breed
We wouldn't own any other - it's a real dog!

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german shepherd love
My wife Lesley with one of our  dogs
We Just Love German Shepherd Dogs!

our own German Shepherd Dogs
our own German Shepherd Dogs Tsara, Emma and Kelly

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