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Choosing your german shepherd puppy

Choosing your german shepherd puppy should be a fun experience for everybody in your family but you should remember that your puppy is going to be with you for many years  and you want to live together in harmony. You need to be prepared to take responsibilty for caring for your new puppy, obedience training him (or her), keeping them fit and healthy (which means feeding him the right food), and building up a great relationship with your dog.

So here's some tips for......

 how to choose the right german shepherd puppy

What is the best age to choose a puppy?

When you go to a reputable dog breeder, you will normally get to see both parents of the German Shepherd puppies available which at about 8 weeks of age, are ready to leave their mothers protection and leave  the German Shepherd litter. Good dog breeders will never allow their puppies to go to a new home before they are at least 8 weeks old -they are just not ready, a puppy that is only say 6 weeks old has not developed its character and self-assurance and may become timid or nervous on it's own if taken out of the litter too soon. If you have bred German Shepherds yourself - then you will know when it's the right time for a puppy to go to a new home and is ready to start it's own life away from the litter - this is never before reaching 8 weeks old and should be 11 or 12 weeks old maximum as this is when they develop habits which may be difficult to break in a new home.

How to choose a healthy puppy

They should all be clean and free from infection - a vets certificate should be provided together with all Kennel Club documentation. Although color is not critical in German Shepherd Dogs, white or cream is not desirable, black, black and tan, gold or sable is the usual preferred choice. Soft brown eyes are preferable, without flecks or any other noticeable imperfections, and a German Shepherd should be alert at all times, even as a young German Shepherd puppy they are quick to notice any sudden movement.

Dew claws on the hind legs should have been removed after about 5 days, puppies should be clean with no dirty coats or unpleasant smells, German Shepherds will not foul their beds if they are given the opportunity of using some other options. They should have been treated for worms, all paperwork should be in order, and Kennel Club registration formalities taken care of (note both parents should be registered with the Kennel Club for pedigree history) - all of this is routine for most well run kennels.

How to choose the right puppy in a litter

Notice that when the German Shepherd puppies are all playing together, they have their tails up, a curl or hook in the tail is not desirable. All the puppies should be confident, alert and very playful at this early stage, a puppy with its tail between its legs should be avoided as this may mean it has a nervous disposition, and may have to be coaxed into making friends - you need to choose a confident puppy - note, an 'over-boisterous' puppy that tends to push all the other puppies out of the way - is going to be a handful  - a battle of wills that is better left to an experienced German Shepherd Dog owner or dog handler.

A point to remember when choosing your German Shepherd puppy - both their ears only become erect when the teething period is over, and it's not unusual for one of the puppy's ears to become erect before the other one does - so don't be alarmed if only one ear becomes erect at first, this is quite normal.

Tsara- when she was a puppy

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How to choose a good dog breeder

The German Shepherd Breeder guards their reputation at all costs, a good registered breeder will do all they can to help you if for some reason you may have a problem with your dog - be it behavior wise or a possible health issue, so never be afraid to ask them for advice. They care about their dogs just as much as you do and they would rather take the dog back if you had a problem that could not be resolved.

This is where it pays to look around before buying your German Shepherd.
  •  Check out the breeder, what sort of reputation have they got?
  • Do they get recommendations or testimonials etc?
  • Have a look at their dogs, their site, where the dogs are kept
  • Are they in good condition? - the list is endless-
 But never forget that it is the people behind the set-up that count.
Go and inspect the kennels, talk to them, look at their dogs and then ......

Ask yourself the following:
  • Does the breeder love their dogs?
  • Do they care about you as a potential owner and offer you any advice about having one of their dogs?
  • Having seen their dogs - would you like to buy a dog from them and do you feel comfortable with the back-up service that they can provide you with?
If you go to a dog breeder or anywhere else for that matter, and you get the impression that they just want to sell you a dog .... then turn away......... RUN don't Walk!

A good German Shepherd Dog Breeder will care where their dogs go and will want to make sure that you will be a good, responsible dog owner and offer their dog a safe and secure home and look after him.

How to choose the right puppy for your family and lifestyle

You need to decide which characteristics in your puppy you are looking for, and which is the most important to you and your family.
Some of the questions you may need to ask are:-

  • how to choose a calm submissive puppy
  • how to choose a guard dog puppy
  • how to choose an intelligent puppy 
  • should i choose a male or female puppy
The answers to these are that a calm, submissive puppy will be seen in it's pack behavior and you can check by asking the dog breeder about the parents for heriditary traits. All German Shepherd Dogs have a natural instinct to be very good guard dogs, and all German Shepherds are very intelligent and are very keen to learn, obedience training is a must for these dogs and believe me they enjoy it and your relationship with your puppy will be much better for it.
Generally, male dogs are more dominant than females and need a firm understanding of dog training  and strong Alpha Dog leadership. We've owned male and female German Shepherds and males are perhaps a little more aggressive which is even more reason why dog obedience training is vital.
Having said that, male or female German Shepherds are great with children and can be very gentle with them, and are very rewarding to share your life with.
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Lesley with our new German Shepherd Puppies born at home

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