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Exercise and Play
With Your German Shepherd Dog

Your German Shepherd Dog should have regular exercise on a daily basis in order to keep him fit and healthy. If you do not take the time and trouble to look after your German Shepherd and exercise him regularly, he may become fat or overweight and this is not good for your  German Shepherd Dogs health.

Playing with your German Shepherd Dog - your German Shepherd loves playtime because it gives him something to do and he loves it when you spend time with him (or her) and stimulates their mental prowess and helps to bond your relationship.
It also helps to get rid of any pent up surplus energy your German Shepherd may have.

gsd puppy at playgerman_shepherds_playing
    Tsara ready to play and our 2 German Shepherds Tsara and Kelly enjoying play-time

A point to remember, is that a young dog should not be over-exercised in its early stages i.e. for the first 12 months, short walks should be the order of the day for a puppy or young dog, the walks can be gradually lengthened over a period of time, do it gradually, and build it up - also, don't run your dog too quickly in its early stages.

Over-exercise can cause muscle and or bone problems in later life,- remember a young dog or German Shepherd puppy is still developing and over-exercise must be avoided in the first 12 months of their growth. Take your time and don't tire him out or leave him exhausted after a long walk, or have him trying to keep up with you if you are out jogging.

It would be pretty stupid if you were to be riding a bike and your young dog was struggling to 'keep up' with you wouldn't it?

You should spend as much time as you can on a daily basis playing with your German Shepherd Dog - you must interact with him at all times in order to build up a good relationship, he will get enjoyment from being with you, and it will build his confidence - it will also mentally stimulate him - remember, German Shepherd Dogs don't just want to sit around all day, they need company and enjoy regular activity.

Exercise and Play with your German Shepherd is an essential part of growing up for him, and when playtime is over for the day, make sure he has some dog toys that he can regard as his own personal possessions - this will not only give him a feeling of contentment - but will also occupy him when he is left alone.

They will also help to stop him chewing your slippers or chewing furniture at home - they only do this when they feel neglected or bored -
So don't forget - Give Him Some Toys!

You can buy a multitude of different toys for your German Shepherd puppy from your local pet store- but remember that they shouldn't be too small (in case he may swallow them), and no sharp edges, in all cases they must be non-toxic - note childrens' small plastic toys should be avoided at all costs in case he swallows them - or chews off bits and swallows them as well.

Note: When a young puppy is teething, special rawhide chews are to be recommended - they simply love them - and they will help during the puppy teething period.

German Shepherd Guy-as-a-puppy
Guy when he was a young German Shepherd puppy
German Shepherd Dogs at play gsd puppy at play
our two German Shepherd Dogs Kelly and puppy Tsara at play

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Your German Shepherd Dog should have regular exercise on a daily basis to keep him fit and healthy, spend the time playing with him, establish a good relationship with him, and this will lead to a fit and healthy dog and more enjoyment for both of you. Remember also that regular exercise is vital to keep your German Shepherd Dog in peak condition, it also will keep him mentally alert and active which is good for him.

german_shepherds-at-play our_3_gsd_at_play
Our German Shepherds at play

Tsara and Kelly our GSD at play

Playing with your German Shepherd Dog is essential to building a great relationship with your dog find out more >>>>> Playing with your dog

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