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German Shepherd Dog
Behavior Problems

When you become the owner of a German Shepherd Dog, you need to realize that in order to have a well behaved German Shepherd, you first need to learn how to communicate with your dog.

Then you have to understand your dogs behavior, to teach him and train your German Shepherd Dog to take his place in your family home, and recognize that you are his pack leader (i.e. the Alpha dog in his mind).

You must start off the right way, he might - as a young German  Shepherd puppy,  lick your face and wag his tail in delight - but he must learn to know his place i.e. he must be submissive to you, and you must make the time to teach him what is good behavior and what is not acceptable to you - he must learn to understand that you are the boss and are  in control.

If you start off in the right way - you will cut down on your German Shepherd Dog's Behavior problems, and the training of your German Shepherd will be a lot easier. The number one reason that dogs mis-behave and don’t listen to their owners is because they think they can get away with it and won't get into trouble.

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Don't give in to him, always be firm but fair with him - don't feed him at the same time as you are eating, he must wait until you have eaten and finished
(as his pack leader you are the dominant one and he must remain submissive to you at all times - so he must learn to wait!)

You need to bond with your dog so he will always be wanting to please you.

You can still show affection for you dog but remember, if a situation arises then you must say NO and he must understand that he has no special rights or treatment in the matter.

Sometimes, dogs have moods in the same way as us, so you must try and understand that he can't be perfect all the time, you must learn to recognize these signs and try to understand them and to react with him in the right manner.

If you can communicate in the right way with your German Shepherd, you will find the training of your dog a lot easier.
A German Shepherd Dog has so much more ability to offer than just guard your house and protect you, and the members of your family.

Many of the problems associated with German Shepherd Dog behavior are due to dog training issues that have not been resolved as soon as the puppy joined the household.

Bad, or destructive behavior will be harder to break when the dog becomes an adult dog - so the longer you leave it, the harder it will become to correct these dog training issues.
Even if they are a cute little puppy, you must make sure that he knows that you are in charge and he will be in big trouble if he is doing something wrong!

He must look up to you as 'the alpha dog ....... i.e. his leader of your pack

There are various concerns in German Shepherd behavior problems that may be typical of the German Shepherd breed - the most common of these is excessive dog barking.

top ten dog behavior problems

  • excessive dog barking
  • dog aggression
  • dog crate problems
  • destructive dog behavior 
  • dog peeing
  • dog eating poop/ feces
  • dog pooping in house
  • dog mouthing
  • behavior problems of the dog and cat
  • scared dog behavior problems

 Dog Barking 

This can be a nightmare if your German Shepherd seems to bark at almost anything or anyone that moves! This can be a real problem to both you and your neighbors, especially if your dog is left alone all day.

stop german shepherd dog barking

Dog Digging

Another common dog behavior problem is digging in the backyard, this can be difficult to stop if it has not been addressed at an early stage, and can result in damage or even safety issues if the dog digs holes under the fence, and can maybe get loose and escape out into the street.

stop german shepherd dog digging

Dog Aggression

If you have more than one dog, you could have a dog behavior problem with food aggression over their food dishes,with one dog snapping or biting the other dog or animal. There can be dog aggression between other dogs, such as two male dogs that have not been neutered.
German Shepherds are natural guard dogs. They require firm training and extensive socialization to prevent over protectiveness. They are very much people dogs, and do not like being left alone for long periods.

Recognizing and heeding the warning signs of potential dog aggression problems will make it easier to deal with them at an early stage.

Understanding and handling  dog aggression  problems such as Snarling and snapping or showing of teeth in an aggressive manner, stop german shepherd dog biting

There can also be dog behavior problems such as dog separation anxiety,

dog chewing problems, dog house training problems including potty training

toilet training , and in some cases 

German Shepherd obedience training problems, such as  and dog whining,

dog chasing, together with the most common of all - dog jumping up at you,

and problems with
traveling in the car with your dog

These dog behavior problems need to be sorted out
 and resolved
 as a matter of urgency, and not left to get worse.

No responsible dog owner should put up with these bad behaviors from their dog. To  find out how to resolve these dog problems once and for all - check out Secrets To Dog Training              a guide wriiten by Daniel Stevens and available for immediate download.

Secrets to Dog Training  presents an unusually detailed and thorough look at how to both
 prevent and deal with the more common problem behaviors exhibited by dogs.
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included are tried and true, and come from Stevens' real-life experiences as a professional dog trainer.
There is also a straight-talking, easy to follow 30-minute down-loadable video which provides
real-life examples of dog bad behavior along with solutions and remedies to change them.
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House Training your dog should begin as soon as you bring your puppy home from the dog breeder, and should continue until your dog learns to obey basic commands and learns to live with you and your family without causing any disruptions to your home.

Start Training your puppy straight away before he picks up bad habits which will be difficult to break later. German Shepherd Dog behavior problems will only get worse unless you take action and start training your dog. After all - who wants a badly behaved dog that you cannot trust?
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