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 German Shepherd Dog

The key to a great relationship and understanding with your German Shepherd Dog is effective German Shepherd dog training.

Training your German Shepherd Dog is absolutely essential and the sooner you start training him the better.

What you must remember is that this little German Shepherd puppy is going to grow up quickly into an 80+ lbs large adult dog so it's much easier to start dog training as a puppy before he picks up any bad habits.

If you leave it till later, then the training will take longer and be more difficult.

Sometimes they behave like naughty children - occasionally, they need to be scolded or reprimanded (but never smacked!) - any physical punishment made by you to your dog will make him anxious and wary of you, and you may lose his trust - this must be avoided at all costs.

The best method of dealing with a German Shepherd Dog is to send him to his bed or wherever, and to totally ignore him for at least 10/15 minutes.

He will know he has done wrong and hopefully learn from his mistake, he will become submissive to you - his ears will go down, and he will look at you with his appealing eyes begging for forgiveness - but don't give in - make him wait.

German Shepherd Dogs can't stand being ignored! (but don't bear a grudge) after the allotted time, call him to you and give him a big hug so he knows that he is forgiven!

How to start training your German Shepherd Dog?

You could enroll at your local dog obedience training classes which are normally run by professional dog trainers, there your German Shepherd will mix with other dogs and socialize with other dogs which is an important part of dog training to avoid German Shepherd Dog aggression.

You will learn how to control your dog i.e. leash training and learn tips and techniques that will enable you to get your German Shepherd Dog to obey your commands and generally behave in a good manner and do what you want him to do, and when you want him to do it - the timing of dog obedience is just as important   i.e. you want your German Shepherd to stop being aggressive towards other dogs - NOW - not when he feels like it - you must remain in charge and in control at all times.

You could also get your Shepherd enrolled into what is sometimes called 'boot camp training' to prevent or stop German Shepherd Dog aggression, your dog would be left at a training facility for a few days or more, to undertake extensive dog training, either to stop or prevent aggressive behavior problems not only to other dogs, but to human beings as well.

This is undertaken by professional dog training specialists and the dogs are put through real life experiences in specific 'real' situations in order to get them accustomed to actual behavior patterns that are required, and to retain the memory experience so that the dog will remember what is required of them in any given situation when they are returned back to their owners.

Now this specialist training is expensive, but if you don't feel that you are able to undertake training your German Shepherd Dog yourself, or have specific problems with dog aggression, then maybe this is necessary for you and your Shepherd dog.

By far the best method of training your German Shepherd Dog is by doing it yourself and enjoying the the dog obedience training with your own dog - it helps in bonding that special relationship with your German Shepherd, you both learn from the experience.

How to get started training your German Shepherd Dog?

There are many books that you can buy on various aspects of dog training such as puppy house breaking which covers the elementary toilet training or 'potty training' your German Shepherd puppy, obedience training, stop dog aggression training, and books on dog health care to keep your German Shepherd Dog fit and healthy at all times.

These books give you a simple start to basic dog training and indeed go further into more specific training such as 'fear aggression' and how to deal with it.
You don't even have to go to your retail local bookstore - you can buy them on line for digital download and get them at reduced prices - take advantage of the 'package deals' and special bonus book offers that are available and you can be starting to train your own German Shepherd Dog straight away.

training our german shepherd puppy Tsaragerman shepherd puppy training
training Tsara when she was a German Shepherd puppy

So remember- to avoid German Shepherd Dog Behavior Problems
Training your puppy straight away before he picks up bad habits which will be difficult to break later.
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Obedience Training for German Shepherd Dogs

trained_ gsd love_gsd
Obedience Training  German Shepherds makes all the difference!

The number one reason that dogs mis-behave and don’t listen to their owners is because they think they can get away with it and won't get into trouble.

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Training your dog really does make such a difference!
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