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Our New

 German Shepherd Dog Puppy

After Tsara had given birth to her 6 German Shepherd Dog Puppies and had reared them for 8 weeks - it came to which puppy we were going to keep out of her German Shepherd  Puppy Litter. We decided on Emma because she wasn't as 'feisty' and seemed calm, and enjoyed being made a 'fuss of' see choosing your puppy - so there wouldn't be a competition element between her and her mother! (i.e. we didn't want any dog domination problems) as we had two German Shepherds already.

            our new gsd puppy Emma with Tsara                             Emma on the left with Lesley

As a new puppy Emma had a great start in life because she was born in our home, and had the full undivided attention of Tsara, her mother without the trauma of going to a new home. (which can be difficult for a puppy) She also had her 'auntie' Kelly, our other German Shepherd Dog to guide her as well. So now she was the centre of attention!

The next few weeks were spent on getting Emma 'house trained' see

 Toilet Training Your Puppy ........ this is very important because the last thing you need at a time like this is cleaning up dog mess around your house. Yes, little 'accidents' are bound to happen but can be avoided if you start  potty training your puppy straight away.

After we had taken Emma to the vets for her innoculations, and she had been checked out OK - we could then take her out with us. Living in the New Forest is great for dog lovers like us because there are plenty of different walks to go on, fields and open-spaces, the local parks as well as the Forest itself and lots of woods. We also have the sea about 2 miles away, so a trip to the beaches now and again provided plenty of variety.

emma-gsd-puppy-with-kellyEmma just loved  all the attention she was getting and like all German Shepherd Dogs as a puppy -  she was growing very quickly and was learning all the time see bringing up your german shepherd puppy for training advice and more info.

When you see a young puppy growing up and developing into an adult dog, it gives you a really big thrill - but with any dog it is a lot easier if you start training your German Shepherd Dog straight away, the longer you leave it, the harder it becomes and the more time it will take.
Remember, bringing up your German Shepherd takes time and is essential for your puppy to learn what behavior is right and what is wrong and unacceptable.

Emma our gsd-puppy with Kelly

When we took all three of our German Shepherds out for walks, it was just like taking young children out - they loved going somewhere new and Emma found it all very exciting.

We made a point of taking our German Shepherd puppy out in the car as soon as we could to get her used to travelling without being car-sick (see Traveling with your dog) and this went without any problems - she enjoyed it. I don't know about you, but when our German Shepherd Dogs get in the car, they do get excited because they not only enjoy the ride, but they know it means that they are going out and finding somewhere new to go!

Plenty of exercise for your new puppy is essential to their growth, but don't over do it in the early days - remember they're only little so take it easy, don't over tire your puppy.
Short walks in the beginning then gradually build them up.
Plenty of 'playtime' as well, inter-action with your puppy helps to build their confidence and their relationship with you.
Trust and understanding is what's required see bringing up your German Shepherd Puppy

As Emma our puppy got older and  bigger, she grew in confidence and enjoyed running around and playing with our other 2 German Shepherds who kept a careful eye on her and put her in her place if she 'stepped out of line'. Like all German Shepherd Puppies, they learn by experience and being told 'what to do' and rely on you as their 'pack leader'.

You must make the time in order to train your German Shepherd Dog, and not only be proud of owning this breed, but also take pleasure in owning a well behaved German Shepherd, believe me you will get far more out of owning a well trained German Shepherd because you will get more enjoyment knowing there aren't going to be any dog behavior problems.

The other thing you should bear in mind is that  your German Shepherd Puppy is always learning by inter-acting with you. They are high energy type dogs that need plenty of exercise, love and attention - they get bored if they just lie around all day, and that's when you may have problems with your dog. Give them your full attention and you will be rewarded by having a friend for life.


our two german shepherd dogs Kelly and Tsara with our new puppy Emma

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