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Guy was our second German Shepherd Dog, he was a pedigree Shepherd that we got when he was 8 weeks old. As a German Shepherd puppy, he seemed so small after our previous Shepherd. He loved going out into the garden and exploring amongst the trees, flowers and shrubs.

He liked to play with his 'doggies' toys, and was absolutely no trouble at all. He was clean, enjoyed his regular meals and looked forward to every new day. Now, the only problem with puppies - is that they grow up quickly. It's most important to get the house training underway as soon as possible, it makes everything so much easier in the long run.

german-shepherd-dog-guy-at-4-months guy our german shepherd dog
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Now living in the New Forest, Hampshire, we have not only the Forest, but parks, open spaces, woods and heathland - so it's a dog lover's paradise. Long walks out in the countryside, amongst the fields, and a trip to the beach which is only 2 miles away for a 'dip' in the sea.    Oh it's a dogs life!

Guy used to love his walks - The Forest has New Forest ponies which roam the Forest, and some of the old local village houses have 'commoners rights' which means they have the right to graze their animals on the Forest -so you get cattle, goats, horses, donkeys, deer and the ponies - so when you have a dog, you must have trained him and make sure he does not bother livestock on the Forest (otherwise you could get into big trouble - the local farmers do not like their herds of cattle being upset by a misbehaving dog).
So - training your German Shepherd Dog is essential.

It means that when you have trained your German Shepherd Dog in dog obedience training, when you call him, he stops what he is doing and comes back to you straight away - this could save your dogs life, for instance - he could have been chasing a rabbit which was heading for a busy road, an accident waiting to happen - and a big legal bill for damages?

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So, you must train your German Shepherd Dog.

german-shepherd-dog-guy-at-12-months guy with gsd puppy german shepherd dog guy

Guy was a very handsome German Shepherd Dog, very loyal and well behaved with a good even temperament, a good guard dog with a loud bark - especially when the postman delivers the mail!

When he got to about 8 years of age, we noticed that he had seemed to 'slow down' a bit- nothing that we could put our finger on, things seem to be OK - the vet said he was OK - but we felt there was something not quite right?

Now I can't remember quite why, but we decided that it might be a good idea to get a 'companion dog' for Guy, this might 'bring him out of himself' and give him back that 'zest' that we felt may be missing.

So, we got in touch with a German Shepherd Dog breeder that had been recommended to us, explained our situation and what we were thinking of, and they suggested that we may be interested in getting one of their ex breeding Shepherds i.e. retired at either 6 years of age, or having had their full quota of litters.

So we drove up to Newbury in Berkshire to meet the registered German Shepherd dog breeder, met some of their German Shepherd Dogs, and then over the next 2 months we got to know Kelly and take her out for walks, she was a ShadowSquad dog with a line of Irish descent going back nearly 40 years including a line of Championship Shepherd Dogs - so we were really "chuffed" to get her! The day came when we had formed a good relationship with her, and the dog breeder Maureen Paul, allowed us to take her home.

It's important that when you get another dog, you introduce them on 'neutral' ground - so having arrived home with Kelly, we left her in the car - went in and got Guy, then took him outside the house, got Kelly out of our car, then introduced them to each other, and took them both out together for a walk over the Forest.

I have to say that in the beginning, Guy was probably curious to know who Kelly was, and why she was there, but he accepted her without any problems at all - she was quite used to other Shepherd Dogs and had a lovely temperament - so this must have eased the situation a lot. Anyway, they had a great walk together, Guy accepted Kelly without any hesitation - and after about an hour or so - we took them both back home, and Kelly settled in immediately. They got on so well it was as though we had always had them both.
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About 2 years later, sadly, we lost Guy who we found out had a heart problem that just hadn't shown up on examination at the annual visit to the vets. He was just coming up to 10 years of age. He was such a handsome German Shepherd Dog - somehow we felt a bit cheated because we had lost him at what we considered an early age.

Kelly took it very badly, she pined for him........ she'd lost her friend as well.

The best advice to anyone in this situation, is Get Another Dog!

We always remember each of our German Shepherd Dogs and have happy memories of them all, so get another one to love and enjoy!

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