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german-shepherd-dog-KellyKelly was so upset after we lost Guy, that we knew we had to get another German Shepherd. We were sad as well, but the best way to get over the loss of Guy - was to get another Shepherd Dog.

 Kelly was a ShadowSquad dog and had been brilliant - so we got in touch with the German Shepherd Dog breeder and made arrangements to go and look at some of their new ShadowSquad German Shepherd puppies.

Kelly had come into our home at 6 years of age as a retired breeding dog, and for the last 2 years had been a companion to Guy and had perked him up no end. She fitted in so well, was very obedient, very gentle with the cats, and very sociable with other dogs and was an absolute delight to have around the house.

She also had spirit, wanted to join in everything that we did, had a great sense of adventure, and was just so well behaved - we couldn't have asked for a better dog!

So now we were off to the Shepherd Dog breeder where we had got Kelly from, to choose a ShadowSquad new German Shepherd Dog puppy.

Needless to say, when we got there - my wife had jumped out the car, gone straight off and was surrounded by German Shepherd puppies practically before I'd even had a chance to get out of the car!

The cries of "Oh, look at this one - isn't he cute"? She was looking at a new litter of six or eight puppies that were just 8 weeks old, so they were ready to go to new homes.I wondered how we were going to choose between them, and how we were ever going to agree as to which one to have? It turned out that most were already 'ordered' but somehow my attention seemed to be somewhere else.

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There were two other puppies that were separate from the other group, upon asking why these two were on their own, we were told that one was ordered and was still awaiting collection (the new owners were abroad on holiday), and the other one was being kept for breeding - these 2 puppies were now 11 weeks old.

One of these was around my feet all the time, and seemed to look at me with pleading eyes ("pick me" - "pick me" she seemed to say). We asked if we could see the pups parents and as a reputable breeder, this was no problem. Maureen Paul (the breeder) laughed when I pointed to this little German Shepherd puppy that was still around my feet - "that's OK" she said, "you can let her come with you" and smiled.

So off we went to look at the puppies parents, and me with this little 11 week old German Shepherd puppy still around my feet following me excitedly wherever I went.The parents of the new litter looked great and I don't know why .... but I asked Maureen if we could see the parents of this little puppy that was running around my feet all the time..... so we saw them as well, and they looked really fantastic.

The stud dog was magnificent,(and huge!) and the mother.... well she was very pretty (as all ShadowSquad bitches are -they've been featured in many dog books as the German Shepherd line goes back many years of breeding). Well, my wife had her eye on one puppy in the litter of 8 weeks old, but this little 11 week old puppy at my feet seemed to be anxiously looking at me - still with that pleading look in her eyes?

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Well, Maureen had said that she was keeping her for breeding, but by this time (about 30 minutes) this little puppy had been around my feet and wouldn't take no for an answer, and had followed me at every step around the breeding kennels.
I stooped down and picked her up and gave her a cuddle - "she had chosen me"! and from that moment on - there was no doubt in my mind that despite everything - she was the one for me! (surprisingly enough - she sort of looked like Guy who I still was missing like hell).

My wife turned to Maureen and said " I guess the decision has been made for us then"? Maureen pondered for a moment or two, looking doubtful- then I said........ "suppose we were to breed from her later, and then you could sell the puppies"?  I waited for what seemed to be an eternity, with this little puppy gazing up at me adoringly .............. then Maureen slowly looked at the puppy in my arms, pondered again, then looked at me, smiled again, and said "O.K."

So we agreed that when the puppy was older, we would bring her back to be mated with one of Maureen's stud dogs, and after she had the pups - we would bring them back to Maureen who would sell them to good, approved owners, and we would receive a cut of the selling price. What a fantastic result, the little puppy had decided on us to take her home, (so no arguments with my wife as to which puppy to choose)

Maureen was happy she would mate and have the puppy litter in the future to sell, and we got this little, dare I say it - cute German Shepherd puppy to take home to start a new life with us (and to have Kelly to share her life with and show her 'the ropes')

So, with all the paperwork sorted out, a large cheque given to Maureen, the German Shepherd Dog breeder, we got in the car - happy and smiling - to take our new puppy home.

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We always remember each of our German Shepherd Dogs and have happy memories of them all, so get another one to love and enjoy!

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