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german-shepherd-dog-Chum-in-gardenMy first German Shepherd Dog was called Chum. He was 18 months old when I got him, he was owned by a 'kennel maid' who worked at the dog kennels and was a 'resident' - but the girl was engaged to an army guy and they were getting married - he was stationed in Germany........ so they couldn't keep him.

I was in my mid 20's and had always wanted a German Shepherd Dog, I think that although I had always liked the breed, one of the reasons was as an added protection for my wife and 2 young boys - like a guard dog I suppose (as an added benefit) and having a dog was like bringing the family together.

Part of the German Shepherds characteristics - is their good nature and even temperament - they are good with children and enjoy playing with them.

So when I got to meet Chum for the first time - 'he looked like a wolf', he was a long haired German Shepherd Dog and to be honest, he looked a bit unkemped, and he was not on a lead - it was a long piece of heavy rope!

The warden asked me to hold him while he went to his shed to get the paperwork for me to sign..................Well, you can guess what happened next can't you?

Chum 'dragged me' towards the shed and I was somewhat powerless to resist. I remember in my brain thinking ...... "is this really a good idea?" and was mentally having doubts!

Then..... I thought to myself ............. he doesn't know me, we've only just met ..........and the warden is his only friend.

The warden came out of the shed holding the papers and smiled when he saw Chum right outside the door. At that moment... I knew Chum was was for me .... he needed love and understanding, and a proper family home, and I was determined to give it to him....... he deserved the chance, and so I signed the papers, looked down at my new adopted German Shepherd and smiled ............... our bonding had just begun!

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Chum was a great German Shepherd Dog, he fitted in at his new home without any problems at all. He was wonderful with the children, enjoyed playing with them and didn't want to be left out. They used to bring their friends round, and because he was so big - they even tried to ride on him! He was so gentle with them, and when he had played enough with the 'screaming excited kids', he would just walk away and lay down at the end of our garden, quietly resting.

One of the problems we did have with him, was that he was not good with other dogs. I think this was due to his earlier life at the kennels where because he was a 'resident' he was largely ignored, and did not mix with the other dogs at all - he did not join in the activities i.e. walks with the other dogs.
Probably, this had a lasting effect because I think in his mind - other dogs were an intrusion or threat, or possibly, he was even jealous of the other dogs ..........  
who knows?, but it was a problem that we had to be aware of.

At one time, I took him to German Shepherd Dog Training classes, I remember going through the door with Chum on a lead, walking into the hall where the training took place..........and seeing about 30-40 German Shepherd Dogs all lying down together at the bottom of the stage, and none of them on a lead!

I remember expressing surprise at this, and the dog trainer saying to me " don't worry, at the end of the lessons, your German Shepherd will be lying there amongst them as well" .... ............... I must admit, I was not very confident!

Now, I'd been doing plenty of 'lead work' with my Shepherd, and he was pretty good, Dog Obedience Training is very important when you have a large dog.
Chum seemed to enjoy the dog training, and he seemed to have a healthy respect for the other German Shepherd Dogs, he seemed very relaxed amongst his own kind, and sure enough .... he soon was lying down with the other dogs ....... a good result!

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Where we lived near Maidstone, in Kent, we were surrounded by woods and orchards so this was ideal for taking your dog out - we would be out for hours and not see a soul, and enjoyed many long walks together.

our-german-shepherd-dog Chum was a very fit and healthy Shepherd Dog, and he lived to the ripe old age of 15 years - it really broke my heart when I had to take him to the vets, they told me he was just old and worn out, so the vet had to put him to sleep.

Unless you are a dog lover, you just cannot express the devastation of losing your dog......
..............I was broken hearted ..............I'd lost my best friend.
What was I going to do? .........we couldn't stand the 'empty house'

The best advice to anyone in this situation, is Get Another Dog!

We always remember each of our German Shepherd Dogs and have happy memories of them all, so get another one to love and enjoy!

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