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With Your German Shepherd Dog

Playing Games with your dog

Playing games with your German Shepherd Dog has some great benefits to both you
as the dog owner, and your dog benefits as well because you are building a relationship together.

This is essential, especially if you are starting out with a young German Shepherd puppy. Bonding is vital to your dog's development, building trust and working together and getting enjoyment out of whatever you are doing, being either exercising or playing games with your dog.

Your dog will look forward to this playtime and will be eager to participate - so make sure that you spend time developing his character and inter-acting with your dog.
You will find this relaxing and entertaining!

Dogs will get bored if they are inactive and left alone for long periods, and this is where the problems start.
If your dog has any anxiety problems, then playing games with your dog will soon settle him down. He will be busy enjoying himself, it will not only keep him busy - but it will give him something else to think about, and reduce all that excess energy.

Games to Play with your dog

* 'Hide and Seek'- This is a great game to play with your dog and it's so easy and it doesn't matter what age your dog is.
When your dog is not paying attention to you, hide away from him but keep him in view (but make sure he can't see you) then the moment he sees that you're not  there, wait a second or two before he goes into 'panic mode' (if he is a young puppy) then call him to you. When your dog finds you make sure you are excited and make a big fuss of him to let him know how clever he was to find you!

As your dog gets out of the puppy stage, you can make it a little more difficult for him to find you, he will then have to follow his 'tracker instinct' and follow your scent in order to find you. No matter what age your dog, they always get great pleasure in seeking you out.

 I remember years ago with one of my German Shepherds, we were in an orchard and I
climbed up into an apple tree and sat there waiting for him. He had his nose to the ground following the scent, ran around the base of the tree for a minute, then started barking, but I stayed quiet until he looked up into the tree and found me.

German Shepherd Dogs are very intelligent, and if you take the time and trouble to form a great relationship with them - you can have a lot of fun together.

Dogs love this kind of inter-action and it helps in character building with dogs and bonding together.It also makes your dog think he's important- remember your German Shepherd is always anxious to please and you must reward him in some way to show he has performed the task well i.e praise or a 'doggies treat'.

* 'Hunt for Treasure' - This will make your dog think and stretch his mental capacity.
Hide toys or 'dog treats 'around your back yard or in or around your home, or even treats inside the actual toys themselves.
Then encourage your dog to go and find them!

You can have great fun with this, give him some advice or directions (or clues) to help him find them if necessary - don't let him get bored and give up - make your dog work for his treats!

* Ball Games - The dogs love this activity and when you are playing games with them like this, they never want to stop!
Throw the ball then tell them to "go and fetch" - the secret here is to teach them the command 'Drop' when they bring it back to you. A 'treat' is required to get over this if dealing with a young puppy. Get their attention on the 'treat' and they will soon learn that they have to 'drop' the ball before they can have the treat' as their reward.
You can do the same sort of exercise when playing 'catch'.
German Shepherd Dogs just love these activities.

We use the ball when in the park, and find  wooden sticks when in the forest or woods.
Some dog owners don't like using sticks in case they splinter, if that's you then use a toy instead.

The thing to bear in mind is that German Shepherds are 'working' dogs and even if I don't give my German Shepherd a stick - they will find one for themselves and carry it in their mouth (this is an hereditary instinct and to your dog, by carrying something - he is working!)

I've owned German Shepherds for over 40 years and none of my dogs has ever had
a problem with splinters or cut mouths from using sticks - but use a toy if you like.

* 'Tug of War' - An old favorite but dogs get a real kick out of this, use a rope toy just for this purpose and make sure you remain in total control of this game.

Your dog must understand that he must 'Drop it' upon your command.
If he does not drop when you tell him to (or become aggressive) then you must stop the game immediately.

* 'Wrestling with your dog' - This is good for inter-acting with your German Shepherd but you must not allow his enthusiasm to get the better of him!
He should remain 'playful' at all times, but you must retain control and not get him too excited whereas he might become a little 'aggressive' or agitated. Make sure you stop if necessary in order to avoid any unwanted behavior issues.

You have been warned! - keep it friendly and fun!

play with dog playing with gsd

Playing Games with your dog should be part of your daily routine and helps to build confidence in your dog. Always be consistent in the commands that you use, and always praise your dog when he has carried out the tasks that you have set.
(reward 'treats' work well) But above all, remember 'playtime' is a vital part of bonding with your German Shepherd Dog.

Playing with your dog inside your home is just as important to his wellbeing, always find some time to let your dog know that you know he is there, and be willing to devote time to give him attention. It could be just a few minutes playing with a toy, but to your dog that means everything to him.

Playing with your German Shepherd puppy is crucial in his early days, it helps to build his confidence, keeps him agile and gives him the exercise that he needs.

Regular exercise for your dog is so important for his wellbeing,keep him fit, healthy, and agile at all times and enjoy the benefits that it will bring.

Playing with your German Shepherd Dog should be a daily part of your life, you can never give him too much time, he will love every minute of his playtime with you and you will reap the benefits of a long lasting relationship with your dog.

But don't forget that playing with your dog should be FUN!

playing games with your dog playing_with_your_german_shepherd_dog
combine ball playing with dog training           our GSD Tsara and Kelly playing together

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