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When you are bringing up your German Shepherd Dog or puppy, one of the most essential elements of training your dog is to stop your German Shepherd Dog biting. This is absolutely vital and it is important that you stop it biting straight away, preferably at the puppy stage when it is much easier to control and the German Shepherd puppy has not picked up any bad habits.

Remember, a dog does not have hands like us to pick things up and examine them. Dogs use their mouths to explore things and  puppies are very inquisitive and curious to explore and find out things using sight, taste and smells.

As a German Shepherd puppy they played together with the members of the German Shepherd litter, rough and tumble, and learn that if they bit or nip each other - it hurt!

(this is a natural part of the growing up puppy stage)

So while your German Shepherd puppy is getting to know you and your family as his new master, he may sometimes inadvertently forget and nip or bite you. Now as a puppy, this is unlikely to be a major upset - but you must take steps to make certain that he is reprimanded when he does this as all puppies grow into large German Shepherd Dogs and if he were to bite you or your children, then this would be a major concern.

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Your puppy should never be physically reprimanded, don't ever hit or slap him because he will think you are playing with him as part of his pack (as he did with his brothers and sisters in the litter when they 'rough and tumble' with each other)

Instead, let out a loud 'ouch!' whenever the puppy nips or bites you, let him know that it hurt (even if it didn't) and then turn away from your puppy to remove eye contact with him.

This is how dogs communicate with each other, by turning away and ignoring the other dog - this gives the message that "I didn't like that and I am not going to play with you" so your German Shepherd puppy will learn that if he wants to keep your attention - then this is NOT the way to do it - this is called negative reinforcement and is a common method of German Shepherd Dog training.

If a puppy should bite down onto your hand, then place a finger inside your puppy's mouth under his tongue and hold onto his lower jaw with your thumb, press down gently and hold for about 10 seconds or so. Your puppy will not be able to bite down and so will give up - this again will be a negative reinforcement and your puppy should know that this type of behavior is not acceptable.

Another good idea is to give your puppy dog chews, they do like to chew things and this is better than biting you! Rawhide chews are great for young German Shepherd puppies when they are teething, it not only helps keep their teeth clean, but keeps them amused as well.

Now puppies  being curious, do chew things - so make sure you give him some dog toys to play with and keep him amused - as I've said - it's much better for him to chew or bite his toys than explore your fingers and bite you!

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Why does my dog bite?

Sometimes a dog will bite because they are startled, fearful of a new unexpected situation and don't know how to deal with it - so they panic which may lead to biting. A dog can't talk to us as such, but if you cannot see that a dog is scared and you approach the dog and get too close, then the dog being fearful of your approach may bite.

Dogs can’t ask us to leave them alone. They can’t tell us that something’s may be bothering them, or that they need some space, or that they are uncomfortable and too hot - all they can do is give out a message to us through their body-language.

It’s easy to tell when a dog’s feeling scared or panicky once you know what to look for. Fear-biting never just happens ‘out of the blue’: it only occurs when people ignore or just don't recognize the warning signs.

In some cases, a history of neglect or abuse to many abandoned dogs which have been put into shelters has led to the dogs developing anxiety problems which if not properly treated can result in what is commonly known as 'fear-biting.

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