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A dog chasing cars, chasing cats, chasing other dogs, dog chasing livestock like sheep or horses is a dog which is out of control and is a danger to other animals or people.

Your German Shepherd Dog should never be left unsupervised to run free outside since they could be a danger to traffic, a danger to others and could maybe cause an accident -which you as the dog owner would be liable.

Your yard should be enclosed with secure fencing so as your German Shepherd is securely kept inside your own property.

When you are out by the roadside, your German Shepherd Dog should always be under your control and on a leash - no matter how well trained he may be. You never know when something out of the ordinary may occur that could 'spook your dog' and he might run into the road because he was startled and cause an accident or get injured.

If your German Shepherd Dog starts to chase other animals such as cats or other dogs, then you must let him know that this behavior is unacceptable -
so reprimand him straight away - call him to you, make him 'sit' and then put his leash back on and then ignore him. Stop the walk and go home.

He must realize that he has done wrong and this behavior will not be tolerated
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Obedience Training for German Shepherd Dogs

Stop dog Chasing Cars

Why does your German Shepherd Dog chase cars?

Your  German Shepherd Dog can be over-protective at times and can regard vehicles in the street as a possible threat, or he may be bored out of his mind and look upon this as a game!

In your dog's eyes, like other problems in the home - he thinks that if he barks at the potential threat, it more often than not goes away.
 (so he has won and dominated the situation)
The fact that the vehicle was going  past and not stopping does not occur to him at all
 - he's 'seen off' the threat!

how to keep a dog from chasing cars

What you need to do is to convey to him that vehicles in the street are not a threat, and he should not be suspicious of them.
The easiest way to do this is to take him out on a leash and walk to a car park, then let him acclimatize to the coming and goings of the vehicles, walk him around, get him to sit if he appears nervous or is too distracted by the cars movements.

But above all - you must keep very calm, control the situation and make sure you are the dominant one and not him. He must understand that you are in control and not worried about the vehicles going past.
When there are a lot of vehicles - he won't know which one to chase!

Then he will relax, get used to the vehicles and will calm down and the problem  of dogs chasing cars will be resolved.

dog chasing livestock

Living in the New Forest one of the more serious concerns is dogs chasing livestock such as horses, sheep and cows. This can be a real problem, especially in the breeding season and if your dog is considered a serious threat to livestock, then it could result in tragic circumstances, and even your dog could be shot!
Dog owners out walking with their dogs have been killed or seriously injured by stampeding horses, or a cow defending its calves from an 'out of control' dog.
You must always have your dog under control, and this is why dog obedience training is so essential.

dog chasing cats

This is a common problem among dogs- why do dogs chase cats? Most of the time it's the thrill of the chase that dogs enjoy and it is a natural instinct to chase 'prey' that moves. The funny thing is that if a cat doesn't run - your dog will get confused and will bark a few times and will not know what to do next!
If you see this happening when a cat strays into your dog's 'territory' the dog will  usually chase the cat away and be proud of 'honor restored'.

dog chasing his own tail

why is my dog chasing his tail?
is a dog chasing its tail normal?
what's the meaning of dog chasing tail?

This is about understanding your German Shepherd Dog and your dog's behavior......
He's either over excited, or just plain bored so he thinks he has invented a new game because he's got too much energy and he just doesn't want to sit around all day with nothing to do.
Do your dog a favor, take him out more, give him more of your time and let him know you love him!

No responsible dog owner should put up with these bad behaviors from their dog. To  find out how to resolve these dog problems once and for all - check out Secrets To Dog Training              a guide wriiten by Daniel Stevens and available for immediate download.
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These dog behavior problems need to be sorted out and resolved
 as a matter of urgency, and not left to get worse.

The number one reason that dogs mis-behave and don’t listen to their owners is because they think they can get away with it and won't get into trouble.

Start Training your dog straight away before he picks up bad habits which will be difficult to break later. Dog behavior problems will only get worse unless you take action and start training your dog.
After all - who wants a badly behaved dog that you cannot trust?

Much better to train your German Shepherd following a simple tried and tested , easy to follow dog training program - then you too can be a proud owner of a well trained responsive 
German Shepherd!

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