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Your German Shepherd Dog or puppy should never be left alone for long periods because they get bored and then that's when a dog chewing behavior problem  rears its ugly head.

German Shepherds do not like to just laze around all day - they are intelligent dogs and need mental stimulus and plenty of physical activity, as well as plenty of bonding with you and your family. Let your dog know that he (or she) is loved, never let them feel neglected, always try and include them in whatever you do.

They require at least one good walk a day, preferably two - we always give our German Shepherd Dogs one good run around playing with a ball or throwing sticks for about 30 minutes or more, and one reasonably long walk every day lasting about an hour or more. Then in the evening, just a short walk around the block for about 20 minutes.

note: these are adult dogs - not puppies (you must not overexercise a young dog under 12 months or a puppy because you can cause bone or muscle problems that effect their growth - much shorter walks and gentle exercise for young German Shepherds - don't tire them out or push them too hard)

If your German Shepherd puppy starts to chew every thing in sight then you need to let him know that this behavior is unacceptable - so reprimand him straight away -  He must realize that he has done wrong and this behavior will not be tolerated.

dog chewing behavior problems

chewing blanket in crate - chewing dog bed - chewing door knob - dog chewing up carpet  
chewing electrical wires - chewing keys - chewing on furniture

how to stop a dog from chewing everything

  • don't leave shoes or slippers lying around - puppies are naturally curious
  • make sure that electrical items, plugs etc are kept out of his reach
  • make sure garden tools and electrical items are kept securely away
  • make sure that ornaments are kept out of his way
  • generally, don't leave household items lying around

The main reason for chewing is boredom
- so give your puppy some toys to play with, he will enjoy playing with them and will occupy him and keep him amused.
(squeaky dog toys are a favorite if you can stand the noise!)

When your German Shepherd puppy is teething, then give him some rawhide chews - German Shepherd Dogs love them and it will help with any teeth or gum problems.

Give him some nylon type bones to chew on as well, remember if he has toys to play with or chew on - then he won't need to chew your household objects or your slippers!

Another reason that your German Shepherd puppy starts chewing things is because he is lonely,frustrated or bored - so make sure you find the time to play with your puppy, exercise him, and make him feel he is an important member of your family.

To your dog, chewing is as natural as breathing is to us, it makes your dog feel good, it passes the time and if your dog is anxious then chewing is soothing to him especially if it tastes good!
Your dog or puppy can easily be taught not to chew your household possessions - it just takes a little time.

If you leave your dog outside all day, (without any human contact) he will have to amuse himself somehow, so don't be surprised if when you get back home your dog has chewed the fence, then decided to chew the gate, and starts chewing plants.

A happy, contented well behaved German Shepherd will not need to chew furniture
 (unless he's really hungry - so don't forget to feed him!)

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