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So you go out into your backyard and lo and behold - He's been at it again!
"Oh no" you scream - more holes in your lawn and the flowers have been ripped up in the flower garden.
So you tear your hair out in frustration and cry out -"Why does My Dog do this"?

How can I stop my German Shepherd Dog digging?

Well, there are various different reasons your German Shepherd may be digging in your yard and these may be some of the problems you may experience with your dog :-

  • all dogs like digging - it gives them something to do
  • your dog is so bored he has to find something to do to occupy himself
  • you're leaving him alone and he gets no attention
  • he has buried a bone to save it for later
  • he is curious about fresh dirt, or newly fertilized flower gardens
  • he is hot and is digging a hole to lie down in it to cool off
  • he is digging a hole near the fence because he wants to go after that
  • bitch on heat next door!
          Lastly, (and I hope this is not the reason)
  • he is trying to escape!

stop your German Shepherd Dog digging?

You could watch your dog when he's in your yard, and when you see him digging - you could turn on your garden hose and spray him with water - this will produce a negative factor in his mind that after this takes place a few times - he will stop - it will take time, but should work in the end.

Another method is to use chicken wire that you lay under the dirt where your dog has been digging - so when he tries it again he will find the chicken wire and it will be uncomfortable to his paws and his claws - he will not like this at all.

But as your German Shepherd is very intelligent - he will probably move somewhere else - so you have to get more chicken wire to place in the new spot. Patience is a virtue isn't it - who can last the longest I wonder?

You may be lucky and he stops straight away, losing interest in the whole proceedings (excuse the pun!)

But the best way to stop your dog digging
is to remove his inclination to dig.

Make sure that your dog gets enough exercise during the day, and is taken out regularly for walks with you.This will not only physically help his wellbeing, but  will mentally stimulate him. He will  find lots of things to get his attention, and will be excited to go out for walks with you, and look forward to it every day.

A bored dog can be a destructive dog and you don't want that - do you?

When you take your German Shepherd Dog out for his daily walk, make sure you take him somewhere different as often as you can, vary his walks so he remains excited because he doesn't always know where he will be going.

Our German Shepherd Dogs love it when they get in the back of the car - they get excited because they are going out!

How much time do you spend with your German Shepherd?
Don't leave him alone to get bored
Play with your dog, get him (or her) to bond with you more, they enjoy company and love to inter-act with you, your family and friends because German Shepherds are very sociable dogs.

So remember - German Shepherd Dogs that are left unsupervised for long periods of the day are more prone to digging!

This is really all about training your German Shepherd Dog, forming a bond between you, and enjoying a good, stable relationship of trust, understanding, and discipline
 i.e. you must be the Boss!

So remember- to avoid German Shepherd Dog Behavior Problems

Start Training your puppy straight away before he picks up bad habits which will be difficult to break later and don't allow your dog to get  lonely or feel so neglected that his only source of relieving his boredom
 is to
start digging everywhere!

 Dog behavior problems will only get worse unless you take action and start training your dog.
After all - who wants a badly behaved dog that you cannot trust?

Much better to train your German Shepherd following a simple tried and tested, easy to follow dog training program - then you too can be a proud owner of a well trained and responsive German Shepherd!

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