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It's a lot easier to prevent your German Shepherd Dog from jumping up at you when he is a small puppy - if you leave it till later, you will find it a lot more difficult to stop your German Shepherd from jumping up at you or your visitors to your home.

Whilst you may find it amusing when your young German Shepherd puppy is delighted that you are back home - he wags his tail and excitedly jumps up at you to greet you - think when he grows into a full size dog weighing 80-90lbs and you have a handful of shopping or a young baby in your arms - it won't be so amusing then!

Or suppose he were to jump up at you or your elderly relatives when visiting your home?
Your German Shepherd Dog is naturally pleased to welcome you back home and get your immediate attention as he has missed you throughout the day, but you must not let him jump up at you and behave in this way.

How can you stop your German Shepherd Dog from jumping up at you?

Some people say that you should totally ignore your dog when you first come home and get through the door, but I don't agree with this - think of your dog as a small child running towards you excitedly - would you ignore the child - of course not - so why ignore your German Shepherd?

My suggestion is to get through the door, get all your family in first - then shut the door and then say hello to your German Shepherd, giving him your attention - make him sit first and then make a fuss of him.

If he tries to jump up at you, then say 'OFF' in a loud commanding voice
and then tell him to sit. When he is calm and sitting gazing up at you waiting for your attention - then lean down to him and praise him.

If he does not obey, then as he jumps up at you, turn slightly sideways to him so as to avoid eye contact and push him away and at the same time say 'OFF'! in a loud commanding voice

If he has not obeyed you in either circumstance - then totally ignore him.
German Shepherd Dogs just hate being ignored - they always seek your attention    so you must, (as his Alpha pack leader) be the dominant one, and  he must learn to obey your commands.

You should also inform any visitors to your home that this is the method you use to stop your German Shepherd Dog from jumping up at you and your family members, or visitors to your home.

By doing this on a regular and consistent basis, your German Shepherd puppy will soon learn that he does not get your attention if he jumps up at you - he must remain calm and sit before he can get your attention.

By repetition, this training of your German Shepherd Dog to stop jumping up at you will become a lot easier to manage and control your German Shepherd Dog and is best started when your dog is still at the puppy stage.
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So remember- to avoid German Shepherd Dog Behavior Problems

Training your puppy straight away before he picks up bad habits which will be difficult to break later and don't let your dog jump up at you.

 Dog behavior problems will only get worse unless you take action and start training your dog.
After all - who wants a badly behaved dog that you cannot trust?

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