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Taking our
German Shepherd Dogs
on holiday

When Tsara was about 7 months old we decided to take a holiday - so we rented a cottage in Cornwall, put our two German Shepherd Dogs in the back of the car, loaded up with 'provisions', and set off on our long journey.

our 2 german shepherd dogs in the car
Tsara and Kelly waiting in the car

Our German Shepherds were so excited, they seemed to sense that something was different. We left the motorway and were heading across the moors at Dartmoor in Devon and stopped to let the dogs out.
They were running around sniffing everywhere, so we had a break and walked across the moors for about 30 minutes so they got some exercise and we stretched our legs.

Then we headed back towards the car, our two German Shepherds still running around in front of us having enjoyed their walk across the moors.

It took about another 2 hours before we reached our destination in North Cornwall, and we were pleasantly surprised at how nice the cottage was, where it was located and the grounds around it (so there was plenty of space for our two German Shepherd Dogs to roam about and enjoy themselves).

Our 2 German Shepherds at our holiday cottage Tsara and Kelly on holiday

our 2 german shepherd dogs on holiday

We took Kelly and Tsara away on holiday with us
(rented a cottage in Cornwall that took dogs)

We had a lovely time with our two German Shepherds, we went exploring around the coves, visiting some of the small fishing villages, went to the sea-side where our dogs had a great time swimming in the sea and playing around on the beach.

We had to keep Tsara on a lead when we were on top of the cliffs - just in case she chased after the seagulls and went 'over the top' (better to be safe than sorry!) after all - she was still very young. What I remember most was that whilst I was clambouring up the rocks - Kelly followed me! She had no fear at all and just wanted to be with me - she certainly had spirit!

It was just like taking a couple of kids on holiday - they were so excited and just couldn't get enough of it, and they loved it when we piled into the car and went exploring every day.

We couldn't take them inside the restaurants/cafe so we had a table outside, and when people were passing by they couldn't believe how well behaved they were - makes you proud to own German Shepherds that you have taken the time to train. (Bless them!)

Well the time came when we had to pack up our things, get back in the car and begin the long journey back home. We shall never forget that holiday with our German Shepherd Dogs because they had such a great time.

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We always remember each of our German Shepherd Dogs and have happy memories of them all, so get another one to love and enjoy!

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