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Traveling in the Car With Your
German Shepherd Dog

Most German Shepherd Dogs can travel well in the car without any problems, but some other dogs can become distressed quite easily - it's best to get your German Shepherd puppy or Shepherd Dog used to traveling in the car with you as early as possible.

safest way to travel with a dog in your car

In the car, it's wise to keep your German Shepherd Dog confined to the rear by using a well-made dog guard or dog grille, with a rug for your dog to lie or sit on.This will help keep him not only secure - but will also protect you in the event of a collision that could well throw your dog towards the front of your vehicle, and towards you with possible disastrous consequences!

This will restrict his movements, but if he has one of his toys with him, he has something to occupy him - but this should not be necessary as his attention will be on everything he sees around him.

If you find that your German Shepherd puppy is a little nervous at first, then put him into the car with a toy or bone, then just go for a short drive first, and go somewhere where he can get out and play for a few minutes before going back home.

He will then associate the car with something nice at the end of the ride!
Then if necessary, the next time- increase the journey time and you will, I'm sure, find the initial problem will have gone away. This is also what you can do to prevent 'travel sickness'  or if your dog is nervous, small journeys with a treat at the end!

Our German Shepherd Dogs have never had a problem with traveling in the car, they get all excited because they know they're going somewhere!

Note: Make sure your German Shepherd Dog has relieved himself before proceeding on a long journey, and make sure you stop at reasonable intervals - at least every 2/3 hours in order for your dog to relieve himself and stretch his legs - also give him a drink along the way.
(Make sure you take a water container with you)

german shepherds in car

Our German Shepherd Dogs -Tsara and Kelly in the car

Don't let your dog hang his head out of your car window or sunshine-roof when traveling in the car - at 30mph or more getting a bug in his eye can cause serious problems!
Your dog could be blinded for the rest of his life - it may look funny or cool but you don't want this to happen do you?

Keep your dog safe and secure in your vehicle

german shepherd dogs in car

As shown in the picture, our two German Shepherd Dogs Tsara and Emma  are in the back of our Land Rover which has a factory fitted dog guard - this means that they cannot jump into or over any other area of the car and can travel in comfort and safety.

how to travel with a small dog in the car
the safest way is to have them travel in a dog crate so their movements are restricted.

So don't forget - it's best to get your German Shepherd Dog or puppy used to traveling in the car with you as early as possible, keep him safe and secure, preferably with a fitted dog guard in your car.

This is the best way to travel with a dog in your car.

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