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our German Shepherd puppy-Tsara

Our Own
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Tsara-our new German Shepherd Puppy

We took our new German Shepherd Dog puppy, who we called Tsara, home to meet Kelly, and Kelly took up the role of 'auntie', she was great and it helped Tsara to settle in without any problems.

When you get a new puppy, you have to not only show it love and attention, but you have to grow its confidence, let it know what's good behavior - and what's unacceptable behavior, then you need to do all the house training to make sure your new puppy grows into a young, healthy and fit adult German Shepherd Dog.

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Well, I'm pleased to say that Tsara fitted in well, and with Kelly to look up to, she became full of confidence, with plenty of spirit, and it soon became evident, that she was going to be a very lively German Shepherd - she was always very active and loved running around in the Forest.

When bringing your new German Shepherd puppy home, you must remember to give it as much love and attention as you can. The secret of a happy, loving relationship with your dog  is good communication. Your puppy will rely on you for guidance as its new 'alpha dog' and dog training - including obedience training, is a vital part of building this relationship with your dog.

Now Kelly was 8 years old, but as Tsara grew up and developed - it seemed like Kelly was getting younger! (like having a second childhood).They played around together and were inseparable, Tsara certainly looked up to Kelly and seemed to look to her for guidance over anything she was unsure about.

It was great to see them bonding together so well, we took them out every day to the woods, the Forest, the local park and across the fields on the many footpaths and trails that stretch for miles around.

German Shepherd Dogs seem to always get more excited when you take them somewhere different - they just love to explore new places!

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german shepherd puppy Tsara- as a little German Shepherd puppy

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We always remember each of our German Shepherd Dogs and have happy memories of them all, so get another one to love and enjoy!

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