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Training your German Shepherd Dog

Why Train your Dog?

Why train your dog - we've all seen or been in a situation, where you see a dog either chasing another dog or misbehaving in some way, and the dogs owner shouting or screaming at their dog without the dog taking any notice at all ...........
now how embarrassing is that?
-it makes you feel silly and embarrassed, and who wants to find themselves in that kind of situation?
You don't want this to happen to you.

Much better to be in full control of your German Shepherd Dog at all times- that's the benefit of training your own dog, not for you the hassles of arguments with other dog owners, or the possible threat of legal action if your dog is out of control , and maybe even bites or attacks another dog.

Start German Shepherd dog training as soon as possible - before your German Shepherd picks up any bad habits - it will take time and you must be patient. Be firm with him and then your dog will know where he is - what's right, and what's good acceptable behavior - and what is bad and not acceptable behavior.

The first stage is to make the dog realize that you are the one in control.

The number one reason that dogs mis-behave and don’t listen to their owners is because they think they can get away with it and won't get into trouble.

Even if they are a cute little puppy, you must make sure that he knows that you are in charge and he will be in big trouble if he is doing something wrong!
He must look up to you as 'the alpha dog ....... i.e. his leader of your pack

our german shepherd puppy Tsara training Tsara-our german shepherd puppy training
Tsara when she was a German Shepherd puppy starting training

Your German Shepherd Dog, believe it or not - will accept your authority and will be far happier for it - if you are firm, but just. This is much better than letting your dog run wild and letting it do what it thinks he wants to do - your German Shepherd will enjoy a much better relationship with you and your family if he has been trained in the correct manner .............(and be much easier to live with!)

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Obedience Training for German Shepherd Dogs

The secret to training your German Shepherd Dog - is in the use of your voice.
Your German Shepherd's sensitive nature will respond to the tone of your voice. It's best to interact with your Shepherd and treat the dog training as a game.

So be enthusiastic, and your dog will react to you and enjoy the simple training. When your German Shepherd Dog responds to you in the right manner and does what you want, then you must let him know that he has done well - reward him with a 'treat', together with well deserved praise in an excited tone of voice.

You can never give a German Shepherd  too much praise when he has done well - remember, your dog is always anxious to please you, and you must show him that he has done all that you wanted him to do.
The reward for this is a loving relationship, and your German Shepherd Dog will respect you for the discipline you have shown him. Remember, it's a two way relationship between you and your Shepherd Dog, with you in charge at all times.

As part of the early initial training, you should shut your dog away - preferably outside, may be in a kennel, for at least an hour every day. He has to realize that there are times when he will be left alone each day, and he must learn to lie down and be quiet. Never put him out while he is barking, or making an effort to get outside.
It must be at a time of your choosing - not his!

There will be times when your German Shepherd Dog must be left alone, and you do not want him howling or scratching at the door - so if you train him by leaving him alone on a daily basis - he will get used to it, and accept that there will be times when he must settle down quietly by himself, and not be a nuisance to your neighbors as a noisy, barking dog.
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German Shepherd Dog Training Tips

Always keep your German Shepherd Dog on your left hand side
WHY?, because this goes back to the old days when right handed people kept their sword on their left side so that they could quickly draw their sword with their right hand and defend themselves if attacked.

WHAT? If you're right handed, you will be more vulnerable from your left hand side. Next time you are walking down the street, you will be more aware of people, or traffic, looking out of your right eye, than you are of anything on your left side- Try it and see - I bet you have never realized this before - but it's true in the majority of cases -if not all.

Your German Shepherd Dog needs to know and understand, exactly where he should be at all times when he is out with you, by your side.
Repetition is the name of the game when it comes to training your dog!
So - always keep your dog on your left hand side.

Use short words of command to start off with e.g. "Come" (as opposed to 'come here') "Fetch" (not 'Fetch it') "Stay" (not 'Stay there') "Sit" (not 'Sit down') you get the picture, this makes it easier for your dog to recognize or understand, and remember what it has been trained to do.

Your vocal commands to your dog should be in a loud, strong tone of voice,
i.e. you are the dominant one. When your Shepherd Dog has obeyed your command - then say in a more gentle tone of voice - "good dog" or "good boy" to let him know that he has done what you wanted, and has done well - then give him a 'tasty treat' as a reward. Believe me, your German Shepherd Dog will soon realize that if he wants a tasty treat - then he will have to do what you want as quickly as possible, done right, your dog will learn fast!

training german shepherd dogs

Our two German Shepherd Dogs - Emma and Tsara, out with my wife - and giving her their utmost attention - pleading for her to give them a treat!

So, Why Train Your Dog? ......... because your German Shepherd will be looking at you - the Alpha Pack Leader, to guide and teach him not only to be an obedient dog but by being so, you will enjoy a much happier and better relationship together.

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