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Your German Shepherd
Puppy's New Home

Your German Shepherd puppy's new home will be an exciting experience for your new dog, but it will be very strange to him at first. He will want to explore his new home so be sure to let him explore with you and show him where to relieve himself as he will be very excited!
Don't forget that he will be very tired after traveling and exploring his new home so don't expect too much the first day.

Your German Shepherd Dog puppy should have his 'own place' in your home, with his own comfortable dog bed or basket to sleep in at night - and somewhere quiet. After his exercise and his meal, and after you have taken him outside to relieve himself, then place him in his bed, he should be tired after all his physical activity.

Talk to him, then stroke him gently and place him in his bed with the command 'stay'. Each time he tries to get out of his bed, put him back and repeat the command. After repeating this several times, putting him back each time, he will get the message and understand what you want him to do.

Your German Shepherd puppy should  feel safe, comfortable and secure in his new home, and you must spend the time to make him feel comfortable and relaxed, especially the first time you bring your new puppy home. You cannot even begin training your puppy until he is relaxed and not nervous of his new home - let him explore with you, show him around your home - he will be very excited!

You must start as you mean to go on - remember........ you're the Boss!
Note: Always allow your German Shepherd puppy to have his bone or some toys in his bed place, so he will feel comfortable and at ease in his bed.

The Ultimate House Training Guide
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german-shepherd-dog-puppy-in-garden2 german-shepherd-dog-puppy-in-the-garden
Guy - Our little German Shepherd Puppy

Keeping Your Puppy Safe and Secure

Your German Shepherd puppy's new home must be safe and secure for him, it's important that you clear clothing items (and especially shoes!) away from his reach otherwise he will regard them as toys for him to play with i.e. chew!
Make certain that all electrical items are put out of harms ways and any decorative items that may get damaged if knocked over.

Before taking your new German Shepherd puppy out in your back yard - you must take certain precautions in order to keep your puppy safe. These are fairly straight forward and simple steps to take.

  • Decide what areas he will be allowed in and make sure that this designated area is properly enclosed and secure i.e. all fenced in and gated so he cannot roam out into the street.
  • Make sure that there are no hidden obstacles or things laying about e.g. broken glass that he could injure himself on, or any garden tools (e.g. lawnmower) or garden chemicals left outside (e.g. weedkiller).
  • Make sure that any electrical equipment is unplugged and removed out of harms way.
Dogs, especially young puppies are very inquisitive - so be warned - their curiosity will lead them to get in / get on / get up or get under whatever is around! They have to be educated as to what is good or bad for them and it is up to you to keep an eye on them at all times in this early stage of their development, and make sure that they are kept out of harms way.

                                     Tsara as a young German Shepherd puppy

You need to start house training your puppy in order to make sure that he is prevented from chewing items of furniture, your shoes or even chewing electrical cables.
A German Shepherd puppy is naturally curious and will investigate anything and start chewing it to find out what it is.
A human being will use their hands and feet - but a dog will use it's mouth.

Dog chewing is a major problem facing many new dog owners and is the main reason why adopted and rescue dogs, or young puppies will get returned or even taken to the local animal shelter.

check this out for tips and help with house training your new puppy

Training your
German Shepherd puppy is not difficult but it should be started straight away while the puppy is small and has not picked up any bad habits, and is easier to control. As he gets older - he gets bigger! Training your puppy will then be a little harder and require more of your time and more perserverence.

So after you have brought your new puppy home and he has had a few days to explore and 'settle in', you must begin house training and start to lay down the ground rules.

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